The reveiws of The Spase’s performance, in support of Chasing Infinity and The Fireflys, are now being published. The first of the reviews comes from Radio Show and Music Blog “Ralph’s Life” (

The night kicked off with a set by local band The Spase who are currently performing as a stripped back two piece, which suits their poetic and insightful songs perfectly. The idiosyncratically named Wax and P took us on a melodic journey of well crafted lyrics and musicality with this lo-fi performance.

The Spase were never going to blow our ears off, but that was the joy of their short but exquisite set. Strong songwriting brought to us by solid and heartfelt vocals. Having just released an album called ‘On A Cloud‘ recently, I’ll be investigating further and of course playing a track on the Radio KC Indie Show soon.

To read the full review of the gig at The Brindley and discover more new bands, please visit “Ralph’s Life”: