The latest review of our gig at The Brindley comes from Andrew Goodwin of the New Music Ear Blog.

…when the chance arose to go to my first gig in years, almost on my doorstep at The Brindley, Runcorn it was a no-brainer.  Including The Spase and Chasing Infinity, who I’d also covered in print for a “Cheshire Rocks” article in InCheshire and Prestbury Living magazines, it had to be done!I decided to drag my brother Mike along, thinking he would appreciate an Acoustic gig as he has played guitar in a few bands over the years.  I went only as a fan, to enjoy myself, to relax and have a “quiet night” out for the first time in a long while! I wasn’t going to do a review but I thought, why not, it was such an amazing gig, I’ll give it a try.

The review continues:

The Spase were first onto the stage, Andy and Peter got the crowd bubbling with a fine set.  The songs which I had listened to regularly on YouTube, “A Roaming Son” and “The Shooting Star” were delivered with supreme accuracy, and for just two guys, they really owned the stage.  They had a couple of laughs with the audience and showed what down-to-earth guys they were and incredibly talented.  Andy’s vocals were complimented on by my brother Mike, I was thinking he was going to be impressed tonight, and the bands were not going to disappoint!

To read the full review of the gig, please visit Andrew’s blog, New Music Ear.