Another review but this time for one of our songs, not the album. DivaShane, over at MusicBank.Co, has written a great review of the song ‘Pretty in Black‘.

We’re always happy to see reviews, positive or negative, and who or what we sound like.

In her review DivaShane writes:

Somewhere in between The Beatles and Rock-a-billy lies this song. It’s all retro and brand new at the same time, my head is swimming! I was/am a huge Stray Cats fan so I have a love for the totally Rock-a-Billy vibe these guitars are throwing my way. The drum work is just so much fun to listen to. The drummer has to be having a ball every time they play. Vocally that voice is working for me. This guy knows what he can do and he does it really damn well. I just wanna go swing dance for a night listening.

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