An Interview With Peter

The Spase: We know a bit about your musical likes from the Podcasts, but we want to know a bit more about Peter – Where did you get your taste for music, does it run in the family?

Peter: Growing up my mum and dad have always been into Motown and soul so that was on in the house  or in the garden. That was the first bit of music that I listened to: Stevie Wonder, The Jackson, Diana Ross that type of thing and every so often Dr. Hook. Growing up I never really appreciated it but now I realise I like Stevie Wonder.

The Spase: How did you get from Stevie Wonder to the Foo Fighters?

Peter: I suppose it’s a bit weird really because growing up I never really went out and bought music until my early teens, in fact the first album I bought was Ugly Kid Joe’s ‘America’s Least Wanted’.

The Spase: What was it about them that grabbed your attention?

Peter: I think I liked it because it sounded different and there was a funny song on the album, ‘Everything about you’.

The Spase: Was it the humour then?

Peter: Yeah.

The Spase: Did Ugly Kid Joe open the door for you then?

Peter: A bit yeah, the next thing I really listened to was Britpop. It was people choosing between Oasis, Blur and Pulp. I preferred Oasis because they were a bit heavier, but I also liked Pulp and the Bluetones. every now and again I heard things that were a bit heavier and different but I never knew who they were.

The Spase: What made you keep looking for heavier sounding bands then?

Peter: My mate Andy Bold leant me some heavier British bands, like Iron Maiden, it was a bit too heavy for me and I couldn’t get into it at the time. At the time it sounded so different from indie, I can look back now and appreciate, there are elements that I like. I never was and still aren’t somebody that listens to the radio, so the music I heard growing up and even into my teens was my mum and dads music and albums from friends.

The Spase: How did you get into American rock bands then?

Peter: MTV really. We got Sky and I started watching MTV and I remember a program called 120 minutes, an American alternative music show, with interviews etc. That’s where I first started hearing the bands I love now. Andy got me into U2. I listened to a festival on radio 1, broadcasting the South by Southwest, that was where I remember first hearing the Fleet Foxes.