An Interview With Andy

As a band sometimes it’s difficult to put across what goes on writing, practising or recording.

With that in mind we’ve decided to to run a series of interviews with each other as the start of our band’s Blog. Here we interview Andy with some questions to hopefully enlighten you with his thoughts on the music making process.

The Spase: Since the release of the first album ‘On A Cloud’, what have you been up to?

Andy: Waiting! We’ve got songs for the next album but we are currently working through them to get them down to a short list that we are all happy with.  For me, when we finished recording “On A cloud”, that was when the album was finished and I’ve been waiting to break on through on to the other side.

The Spase: Do you find it easy or difficult to get your ideas in to something that you can play or put across to the rest of the band?

Andy:  When I listen back to the lyrics, I’m describing a vision of a song not necessarily a sound. That can be frustrating, especially for Simon, our drummer and producer as I think he would like to deal specifically with sound, the sound and the vision don’t necessarily overlap though. I don’t have an idea of what the finished article will sound like as everyone has to have their input, I just have the first few steps on the musical journey!

The Spase:  With that in mind, have there been any songs were you have had a vision but the end product was completely different from where you started out?

Andy: There have been some songs were I’ve had a vision and it’s come out sounding exactly like it, “Pretty In Black” for example. “The Shooting Star” I thought might have been a nice acoustic song for the end of “On A Cloud” but it ended up being one of the more ‘crunchy’ sounding songs on the album.

The Spase: Do you ever find that you have a vision for a song and it turns out to be very similar to a song/track by another artist?

Andy: I think there has probably been some of those times over the years and I might have thought a song sounds like something else but once people have added it to it ends being different anyway.

I think that once you have a demo for a song recorded if you kept to that initial vision of what the song sounded like you would probably have a lot of songs all sounding the same

Once other people add their own influences to it, these are all added to the melting pot and that’s where you get new and original music from.

The Spase: One last question, on the next album, have you found that you are trying to get a certain sound for the album or that songs have a particular theme running through them?

Andy: I would like to have a bit more of a contemporary sound. I like to listen to new bands and new sounds as well as more established artists.

I’d like to expand on the guitars, drums, bass and vocals that we have at the moment to develop our sound and make more use of technology, if that’s the right word or term to use.

I’ve never, and the band hasn’t, ever set out to be a particular genre like Rock or Indie, we just make music and what comes out the other side of the recording process is the sound that we are, just music.

There isn’t a theme as such just the visions I mentioned earlier so I suppose the theme is me and the people and events around me.

The album “On A Cloud” can be purchased via the following links:

iTunes – The Spase – On A Cloud

Amazon -The Spase – On A Cloud